Bishop David Oyedepo, the Founder and Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide International, AKA Winners Chapel, lead a prayer session for Nigeria and in the process invoked God’s curses on those fueling Southern Kaduna killings, saying God should break up Nigeria now if it is His will.


Bishop Oyedepo who said that God has raised him as a Prophect and Apostle to this continent, decried the slaughter happening in southern kaduna. He said, “every occultic root, every political root of this uprising is cursed today!” The congregation shouted “Amen!”
“All the northern forces that are sponsoring this uprising and killings, i decree the curse of God upon them.” Congregation shouted “Amen!” Speaks in tongues. Continuing, he said, ” Lord, if it is your will to break up Nigeria, break it now!” Speaks in tongues again.
To his members, he said, “Come on, pray in the spirit everybody. Pray in the spirit, open fire, call down the Holy Ghost fire to descend on the camp of the enermy. Enough is Enough!” Speaks in tongues again. “If Nigeria wakes up, wait for the church to rise. There will be no more nation, what nonsense.” “What demonic devils. What Islamic demons. If Nigeria waits for the church to rise, Nigeria will disappear as a nation.”
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