Pretty Mike is out in new style as he shared photos of him with two girls on Dog Leash, with which he boost interests on social media. He also claimed that this is to get your attention and will soon reveal something great and different on social media.

In His words….

“NOW THAT I HAVE UR ATTENTION” watch as I unveils Something Great n different on this Social Media Platform.?…
This can’t take away from the love n support I got from #Kbabs2017
photo Credit @giadavido ..
Outfit credit @tiwathetailor ??..
bespoke Fan @tejupretty
shoes @lumineclothing .
Leash @pleasurechestng ..
umbrella source?but I c u in 3D Wunmi ??.
WCW alert goes out to my Masked Ladies, u girls Rock ????? #TakingThePain4WomenRight
To be cont…. brb

Kemi Olunlowo shared this in support

“RepostBy @hnnafrica: “#HNNShowbiz Dear Nigerians, pls STOP fuckn piling up my DM and tagging me all day to @prettymikeclubuno ‘s pictures with his dog leashed chics. Many of u are “forcing” me to say something. When I say something about society issues. You dumbasses call me attention seeker or someone trying to be relevant always forgetting I’m an international Journalist and social critic. You only like to hear what benefits you. STOP IT!

While I have this picture up, just like @bisialimi said, this is not new. Most of you in Nigeria are illiterates and not exposed to the world. The 30% that actually learn the globe from me will know that leashed chics is a STYLE so old abroad! Even the runway models use it in #Paris catwalk shows. Rapper JD Era showed up at the Stylus awards one year ago in Canada with his girlfriend attached to him doggie leash style. We all laughed on the #redcarpet telling him that he was too protective. Leashed girls have been going on forever in the modern world. Some of you are screaming women’s rights, human rights, Kemi u are a feminist, do something. Have u tried asking the chics if they are uncomfortable? They are not complaining. Stop the fuckn shit and let @prettymikeclubuno enjoy his life. Mike pls DM me your digits. I want you to bring me to your club to host soon. Ratings will shatter. I wanna meet my #Lagos fans in that very club. Lets make it happen. And for u enemies of progress watch your puppies and bitches instead of Mike’s leashed chics. Illiteracy is deep but ignorance does not EXCUSE STUPIDITY #HNNWomen
#HNNImpact #Gbam
#kemiOlunloyo “

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