Over 20 years after Pa Ubong Hanson aka Super Dragon retired from active strength performance, he went viral during the week after pictures showing him in a tug of war with 10 grown men, who strained unsuccessfully to pull him by his arm, surfaced. The most shocking of the pictures, was the one showing him pulling a car with a rope tied around his neck.

Pa Ubong Hanson aka Super Dragon has now in a tell all interview revealed how he discovered his strenght, how it brought him international fame and how he felt he was possessed whenever he got out to perform after he was tracked down following his pictures going viral.

He told Saturday Punch:

At the age of 17, with a body mass that was fast resembling that of a wrestler, Pa Ubong Hanson discovered he had strength that was unrivalled by his peers in Ikot Eyo in Nsit Ubium Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

Lifting objects that made his friends’ jaws drop, quickly earned him the monikers“World Sampson” and “Super Dragon”.

Then at the age of 20, he did the expected.

That day, Pa Hanson planted his two stout feet in the ground in front of a car and asked the driver inside it to engage the gears.

“I told the driver to hit the accelerator and drive the car forward while I pushed it backwards. My strength won against the car. It could not move forward at all,” he said.

That was the beginning of exploits that took Pa Hanson, now 77, across different countries in Africa, where he pulled cars with his dreadlocks and tested his strength against multiple men in unmatched tugs of war.

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