The attack occurred on Sunday, November 27, in Ughelli, Delta State. The group claimed the attack via a statement released by spokesperson, General Aldo Agbalaja.

The statement reads:

“In the last few weeks we have been silent and observing. The period of silence was definitely not of inactivity; as a matter of fact, it was rather a strategy session, the fruits of which shall start showing up in the coming days.”

“However, to register our presence and jolt those probably slipping into delusion back to reality,” the group said in a release it issued to announce the havoc it has wreaked on the pipelines.

“The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate has also observed the calculated psychological attack recently initiated by the Nigerian security forces against our people, believing that by pursuing and arresting our people the struggle will be defeated and our resolve would be quelled.

“This will not work because what motivates us is stronger than the Nigerian kind of patriotism. Once again, we proclaim that we shall fight till the last man alive.”

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