Alleged whistle blower of City FM’s, OAP, Ogbuji Grace Amarachi, comedian Ominiaho, has told Celeb Police that the OAP was only trying to use him against her ex lesbian partner when she confessed to making a lesbian s$x tape recently.

Ominiaho said he had to report the case to the Police as it was not true that he was planning to leak the OAP’s lesbian sex tape.

Omini, during a telephone chat with Celeb Police this morning, Monday October 31, 2016, Omini said that; “as I’m talking to you now, I’m at a police station in Ojodu, Lagos to report the case. I went to her City FM office this morning and she declined saying anything. So, I want to involve the police because, this case can’t just be taken with levity.

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There are just three people in this case, me, Amarachi and her lesbian partner, Emmanuels Bibiri, aka Drea so, I have to make sure she doesn’t get at me.”grace-agbuju Comedian to Drag City FM’s ‘Lesbian’ OAP to Police-Comedian to Drag City FM's 'Lesbian' OAP to Police

If you are a lesbian and you are feeling threatened by your ex-lesbian partner and you are trying to use me as a bait so as not to allow her get you, then I won’t allow that happen.

We equally asked him if he really knew her and if he has knowledge of her lesbian sex tape; Omini said;

“I know her very well from the time she mentioned but, I wasn’t aware of her sex-tape at all she just want to do is to use me to block her lover from getting at her. They use to come to my house before they broke up, so her Ex partner want to get back to her and she want to use that sex tape to get at her.”

The alleged whistle blower, Omini

Miss Amarchi had owned up to being involved in lesbianism in the past, as she explained on her Instagram post that if her lesbian sex tape ever surfaced online, she was not going to deny that she was the one as she recorded  it years ago.

“We all have done foolish things one time or the other in our lives. Have actually done lot of foolish things, yeah lot of stupid things indeed…

Way back 2010/2011, was yet to gain admission, done with secondary education, somehow I got myself entangled in a lesbo relationship not because I was a lesbian, out of curiosity after reading and seeing pornographic videos/images of girls making out, I just had this deep urge to have a feel of what it’s like.‎  Sometime in late August/mid September this year ominiaho whom I actually met through the babe who did the video, he did threatened  to release the video online, way back 6years ago he did ask me out which I never did accepted and I never will, i simply wasn’t interested. Well my foolish dream came true when somehow I actually got entangled in what I had always been curious to have. Just this once in my life, a video was made, well it felt good and seem sane to me then.

All of a sudden he popped up this year, calling, asking to see me, saying he’s got a job for me and all that, asking to see me, fixed a date and all that which I didn’t turn up to anyways, when he saw his plans to have me wasn’t working he decided to threaten me with the video which happened like way back  6years ago. How he got the video I don’t know? If he actually do have the video I don’t know either!

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