Obviously your option has to be stylish and trendy with a dose of personality and after reminiscing on the exceptional looks from last year, the phrase go big or go home is the mantra you should operate on. Lagos Fashion & Design Week is just around the corner and the one question on everyone’s mind is ‘What Am I Going To Wear?’

I have come up with a list of some the latest trends that should influence your styling option, which is the first step to figuring out what you want to look like. They include the following;

The button-down shirt worn backwards

This has become quite the fashion trend as everyone seems to be jumping on it, finding different ways to make it their own. Paris, Milan, New York & London Fashion Week street style greeted the trend on different occasions and it will not be terrible to include Lagos Fashion & Design Week to the list.


A dress shirt worn as a off shoulder top

This is a trend I look forward to people experimenting with and there is no better place to join the bandwagon than at Fashion week. Why wear your dress shirt in the conventional way, when you can simply turn it into an off shoulder top and get an entire new look?


Fringe belts 

I have seen them over skirts, pants and even shorts. I look forward to the different ways I have not seen them being styled, hopefully something new will crop up. Fringe detail was in vogue at the last fashion week, but this year the belts are having their own say.


Dramatic sleeves

The best part is you do not have to make too much effort with the outfit anymore because the sleeves already project you in the trendy light you want. If you want to go all out with your fashion and style, then dramatic sleeves are the simplest way to achieve that.


Detachable sleeves

Even I cannot believe how this became a full on trend but I  like how it conveys simplicity yet retains its enigma.It is certainly a trend you want to jump on for street style.


The list can go on but with these few tips we hope you can make headway on the ‘What to wear’ option. Goodluck!

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