After his deal with Sony Music in January 2016, and the release of ‘Gbagbe oshi’, over the past seven months, we have surprisingly seen very little of Davido. Although he has kept us occupied with news from his label, and collaborations with top US acts.

Well, it’s almost unbelievable that prior to ‘Gbagbe Oshi’, Davido’s last single was in December 2015, ‘The Money’ ft Olamide, mostly because it is still on rotation in parties and everywhere else.

With Tinashe being the first in a long line of international collaborations, ‘How long,’ works around the House genre, as Davido absorbs the sound and delivers via a Nigerian filter.

All of that is changing in recent weeks as he marked his return two weeks ago with ‘Gbage oshi’, the first single off the “Son Of Mercy” EP. That one was released for the Nigerian market, and it is currently being played in the country. His international ambitions have begun to receive the music it needs to power it through.

The track is accompanied by a wonderfully complimentary set of visuals; finished in Black and White, Davido and Tinashe frolick on a beach, while celebrating love, in what is an emotionally charged video that was shot on location in Malibu.

With ‘How long’, Davido serves up a friendly pointer towards the type of music that and creative direction that the label intends to work with and blow him up globally. Infusing showmanship and great songwriting, Davido shows his ability to blend into a song, while maintaining his originality and artistic uniqueness. House Music is popular the world over, and it will serve as a vehicle to create acceptance, while introducing audiences to the Nigerian roots of Davido.

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