YBNL leader, Olamide, currently in Canada, wrote an open letter to his fans today. In the letter, Olamide appreciated them for their support thus far and he also addressed some industry issues, particularly the fame and glory associated with winning awards.
olamides-letter-to-fans-2016-09-26-at-8-09-17-pm Olamide Pen Down Mind Blowing Open Letter To Fans-Olamide Pen Down Mind Blowing Open Letter To Fans
Below are eight punchlines from the open letter…

  • Everything the industry denied me of when I started, young, hungry, strong and passionate about music are coming my way now.
  • The vultures in the industry tried to kill my shine saying I stole Dagrin’s style.
  • I am here to contribute the little I can to make everyone around me strong and independent.
  • There’s enough money to go round if you play your part well.
  • If they give me awards or not, it does not define me.
  • If I were God, I’ll be disappointed in humans for appreciating man-made things more than the air they breathe.
  • Award is man-made, I am not, I am Magic.

Maybe if we start appreciating each other, love and respect our differences, the world will be a better place.

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