Despite the swift arrival of the medical team, Derme could not be revived and succumbed to the heart attack.

Tragedy has struck the African football community once again as Ben Idrissa Derme; ex-Burkina Faso international, collapsed and died on the field of play on 11 September, according to this report. Tributes have been pouring in since news of the demise of the 34-year-old central defender who dropped dead just after the second half of the French third round Cup tie in Corsica kicked off.

He was playing for Corsican club AJ Biguglia in a French Cup third-round tie. Derme, asides from playing for Burkinabe began his time with Etoile Filante before enjoying a spell in Moldova with Sheriff Tiraspol.

Derme Ben Idrissa (Bastia) Football amateur CFA Paris Saint Germain B- CA Bastia  le Dimanche 4 septembre 2011  Stade Georges Lefèvre aux camp des loges saint germain en Laye ©LMP/William Morice ©LMP/William Morice (MaxPPP TagID: maxsportsworld215275.jpg) [Photo via MaxPPP] Tragic: Ben Idrissa Derme Died In The Field During Live Match-Tragic: Ben Idrissa Derme Died In The Field During Live Match

Prior to his death, Ben Idrissa Derme had been capped four times by Burkina Faso and had played in the lower leagues of French football and in Moldova. He also played for US Ouagadougou, USC Corta, CA Bastia and EF Bastia, and the likes of Sevilla and Ajaccio.

He is survived by a daughter and wife.

May his soul rest in peace.

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