Residents of  Shawa village in Askira/Uba Local Government Area in southern Borno State on Sunday morning, 21st of August woke up to an organised attack by members of the Boko Haram sect who set the remote viral on fierce inferno.

An entire village in the war-torn Borno, north-eastern part of Nigeria has been razed by the rampaging members of Boko Haram sect.
The terrorists continued their attack by setting villagers’ homes ablaze, ensuring they would have no place to return. The fire that threw residents into disarray was reportedly accompanied with shooting of civilians by the assailants leading to injuries and a state of unrest.

Sources in the village told us that over 20 terrorists arrived the village on bicycles fully armed. The terrorists were said to have stormed the village at a time most of the villagers were still in bed and proceeded to shoot at their homes, forcing the villagers to flee into nearby forests.

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