A deep-cycle battery is designed with the purpose to be constantly and completely discharged by using most of its capacity. It works exactly the opposite way to a starter battery that delivers a burst of energy for charging only a part of engine’s capacity. Deep cycle battery is often used as a starter battery. Depending on a manufacturer and construction, it discharges 45-75%; so it shouldn’t be overcharged or overdischarged.


Flooded Batteries
Very often the short form of its name – FLA – is used. A battery is composed of plates completely submerged into electrolyte fluid. This is a measure, which let us make sure that when a level of water falls during the process of charging, it wouldn’t be lower than the plates are situated and won’t cause any damage. Flooded batteries decompose small amount of water during charging, so they require constant inspection of the level of electrolytes and adding water from time to time. The capacity is limited by electrolyte capacity.

Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries
VRLA can be of two types. There are AGM (or Absorbed Glass Mat) and Gel devices. Absorbed glass mat has a special functions – it reduces all damages, which can be caused by vibrations, spilling etc.

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What are they distinctive with
Thicker plates, installed in deep cycle batteries, have more active paste material and thicker separators. It is a good way to resist corrosion, which is an inevitable process of constant charging and discharging. In addition, very often such type of batteries contain more antimony compared to others.

Where are they used
Okay, now you are familiar with basic principles of work and main features of deep cycle batteries. Now you know about all advantages, but may be not quite sure, where to apply these advantages.
Well, deep cycle batteries are installed in recreational fishing boats, technique and vehicles of marine use (mostly smaller vehicles), motorized wheelchairs, traffic signals, in instruments and equipment at remote places, some kinds of audio equipment and off-grid energy storage systems. Right, this is one of the most essential elements of solar power system.

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Where to find
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