According to Anja, her charitable organization DINNødhjælp bought a very big piece of land here in Nigeria last year and are now building a center in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders. Danish aid worker, Anja Ringgren Lovén, who rescued and rehabilitated a little boy that was accused of witchcraft and abandoned by his family in Akwa Ibom, shared these photos of a Children’s center she’s currently building in Nigeria.
According to her,
“Land of Hope” is the name of our new land which is also written above our main gate. The wall all around our big land has already been build and razor wire all around has been placed on the top of the wall.
It’s rainy season so the rain is giving us some challenges but the workers are really working fast and our engineer is doing a great job! We are now in the proces of building 6 of our main buildings: Girls hostel, boys hostel, kitchen both indoor and outdoor, office/library building, security/generator house and volonteers house. We are also going to build a Parliamentary Hall which will serve as an “Event Center”. We will also build an ICT- Center ( Information Communication Technology Center)

Hopefully we will finish in a few months.

And finally we will as most of you also know build a Medical Health Clinic which we have already named “Hope’s Clinic” – donated by Denmark. “Land of Hope” will be the future land for the vulnerable children in Nigeria. A land of hope for a brighter future.