My attention has been dawn to some senseless and mischievous write ups which only brought to the fore, frustration of a people who have lost touch with the masses and felt the only way to achieve success is to lay ambush to the success of others.

Without magnifying them and their paymasters with a response, I want to say that in as much as I feel their frustration as regards the fate of Anambra central senatorial zone, it is also imperative to draw the attention of the same people that plotted Democratic coup against the people of Anambra central believing that they would benefit from the mess to know that theirs is absolute nemesis.

Since the last Democratic coup orchestrated by a few desperate individuals that wanted to go to senate as against the wish of the people as shown by the December Appeal court judgement that oozed with acrid stench of a jaundiced and highly influenced judicial rascality nullified the election of Senator Uche Ekwunife as the dully elected senator representing Anambra central, the law abiding woman has since remained silent and undaunted.

Since the injustice, Senator Ekwunife has been maintaining high level decorum as a lawmaker per excellence, mother and wife and has since returned overseas for her academic works and has never been seen or heard either directly or indirectly influencing the political logjam these few desperadoes unfortunately found themselves.

Today, what is the major and a very concordant songs on the lips of the followers of these disgruntled bunch of desperadoes have been that Ekwunife and Peter Obi are the reasons election has not been conducted into Anambra central.

It is laughable as it is unfortunate that those that conspired against the people of Anambra central to deny them of ample opportunities like never before to be integrated into the main stream of the nation politics and development as presented by the election of Senator Ekwunife are now the same people that turned around to cry foul and began to cry over the non conduct of election into the position which is morally not vacant.

Without further adumbrations, let me remind us that the last federal high court judgement between Chris Uba group and all PDP elected NASS members have further spotted the Foley of the apparently procured December Appeal Court judgement and still, Senator Ekwunife has left the whole thing into the hands of God.

I am more amazed that after the initial agragra and other political hullabaloo that greeted the judgment that the consumers of the judgment have not been able to make another land mark achievement of procuring another judgement that would have arm twisted the entire process starting from INEC and other major players. Yet they turned around to accuse Ekwunife of being behind the non conduct of the election.

When they thought it was going to be as easy as they thought after many weeks of motorcade campaigning, they suddenly realized there were more to the fanfare and living in the fools Paradise to reality on ground. Sooner than they expected, their expectations were abruptly cut short.

They sought for a court judgment to declare them unopposed and the gods struck them with confusion and they returned to the trench believing it was going to a battle they will not have an enemy.

When many interests began to unfold, Senator Ekwunife was already out of the county to complete her program with one of the world’s best universities in UK and was never part of their problem because she believed she was wrongly removed from her seat and sought redress in appallet court of which judgment is being awaited, yet they continued to accuse her of being responsible for the lull in the conduct of the election.

If the desperadoes have become tired of the whole drama and are now willing to stand elections, then, they should do the needful of withdrawing all their suits and presenting themselves to Ndi Anambra central without subtly picking their own opponents because you can’t choose for a referee whom your opponent should be in the field of p

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