Tanner Flores, of Larimer County, Colorado, was arrested Friday on suspicion of the murder of Ashley Doolittle, 18, after her body was discovered in Collbran.
The teen shot her twice in the head and then drove her body five hours away to his grandfather’s house in Collbran where he cleaned up the corpse and hid it in the back of his truck, according to a police affidavit.

She had been reported missing by her family the previous day after her car was found abandoned near Lon Hagler Reservoir in Larimer County – five hours away.

‘Tanner was ‘upset’ over the breakup with Ashley,’ one friend told officers, according to the affidavit.

‘Another friend stated that Tanner was “really down” over the breakup and did not know why they were no longer together.’

Flores, 18, told police he’d murdered his ex-girlfriend because he’d been ‘angry’ that she’d ended their year-long relationship.

‘Tanner apparently sent a Snapchat message to several friends on (June Cool Crazy Teenager Killed His Girlfriend After Breaking Up With Him-Crazy Teenager Killed His Girlfriend After Breaking Up With Him in the late evening that had a message that was suicidal in nature,’ the affidavit said.

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