The senate pressident Bukola Saraki has been going from one woe to another recently especially with the corruption and false declaration of assets trial he’s presently embroiled in at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

A lot of people have attributed various reasons behind the former governor’s travails. Some say it’s all political and it involves some top members of the APC who didn’t want him to become Senate President.

saraki curse Saraki Is Said To Be Suffering From Parental Curse-Saraki Is Said To Be Suffering From Parental Curse

But, I came across this post that suggests Bukola Saraki could be suffering from the statement his biological father, who was one of the founding fathers of Kwara politics, made after Bukola betrayed him some years back…

You never can tell, ths could be the father’s words coming true. You know what they say about Karma?

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