Students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) will, on April 14, go to the polls to elect leaders for the Students’ Union Government (SUG) and halls of residence.

Electioneering has started, with students asking for better deals from the aspirants. Some of the students are, however, worried by what they called “dismal performance” of the outgoing leaders. The outgoing union executive, they said, did not improve students’ welfare during their tenure. Others disagreed.

The union was reinstated in December 2012, 10 years after it was proscribed following students’ demonstration.

Kenneth Nwafor, a 300-Level Political Science student, said the outgoing union leaders did their best to serve students. “I believe the union leaders did not do badly. Though, perceptions may differ as regards the performance of the outgoing leaders. But, I think they have done well,” he said.

Israel Igiri, a 400-Level Mass Communication student, said the outgoing executive lacked the capacity to engage students and management.

He said: “If you compare this union with other students’ governments in other schools, you would notice a huge gap in terms of vibrancy and good ideas. I would not say they have done nothing so far. But, we need people that will raise the game and restore students’ confidence.”

A 400-Level Philosophy student, Ugwu Emmanuel, said students needed a union that would place premium on their interests and welfare. “I think the incoming leaders should also put up platform for effective deliberation between the union officials and the students. Such platform would generate ideas required to move the union forward,” Emmanuel said.