Report states that $90 million has been set out to make the film, titled “Bright” which star Will Smith and more than $3 million to be given to the screenwriter Max Landis. Netflix is in talks to have “Fury” director, David Ayer, helm the film.

“Bright” is expected to star Smith as a police officer who partners with a member of an imaginary race of human-like creatures to find a magic wand that could do some damage in the wrong hands.

The above figure makes this by far Netflix’s largest movie deal. According to the report,  Also expected to co-star in the film is “Exodus: Gods and Kings” star, Joel Edgerton.

Netflix reportedly won the rights beating out Warner Bros., which just finished working with both Smith and Ayer on “Suicide Squad.”

Deadline reports that the movie which will be rated R, will commence shooting this fall in Los Angeles.

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