A marriage which was blessed with 3 children since Dec. 24, 2006 in Anambra turn into the most bitter encounter for a middle-aged man, Prince Agina, who on Wednesday accused his wife, Obianuju for poisoning his meals since 2008, infidelity and continuous fighting.


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n his statement…

“Usually, I travel a lot. On one occasion when I returned home; I noticed that the centre table in our home had broken; when I asked my daughter how it happened, she told me that one uncle broke it.
“Since 2008, I have noticed that my food was being laced with poison, which has resulted to my deteriorating health; as I am standing here, I’m sick.

“My husband has diabetes and hypertension; and he keeps eating those foods that the doctor warned him to desist from. Please tell me why he won’t be sick always.I stayed with him at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for four months looking after him but he did not listen to the doctor’s advice.So, how has his disobedience become my fault. “He married me a virgin; so why will I start sleeping around now, why will I bring men into the house where my children are staying with me.

“This means my wife brings other men into our matrimonial home whenever I travelled because my daughter knows all her uncles.
“She goes out at will without my permission, she does not listen to me as her husband and I don’t love her anymore,’’ Agina said.
However, the respondent denied all the allegations levelled against her by her estranged husband.

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