Quite obviously, any bet struck is only as good as your selections and, again obviously this is where 99.9% of the betting public come undone.
A popular fault is making too many selections, and particularly so in football. I have seen people placing all kinds of weird and wonderful bets, massive accumulators, as many as 12 or even 14 selections.
How on earth can anyone win on this type of bet, other than the bookmaker? Using so many selections is always going to come unstuck somewhere. You will see occasionally in the newspaper, a story about some guy who was a huge amount on a massive accumulator, quite often spread over several months. Believe me, this type of win has about the same winning odds as a lottery victory.
The bookmakers love the story of course, after all, the average punter ready this and things, “that could be me”, of course though it never is, and the bookmaker gets back all the money he had to pay out on that “chance” win, and a good deal more besides. So you see, the occasional, very occasional, large payout does the bookie no harm whatsoever in the long term, but, if you seriously think that you can get lucky in this way then you should not be reading this publication. As I have said all along, the only thing I am interested in is making consistent profits, week in, week out.
So how do I go about selecting my bet? Right, this is where we get into the really interesting stuff.
All my football bets are placed using only three teams, that’s right, just three. As I said, the more selections you use, the less chance you have, believe me, I have done all the homework, all the profits I make, every bet, involves just 3 teams.
Which 3 teams I select is really quite a simple process, well, now it is anyway. It initially involved a lot of time, effort, and for a long period, paper betting. That in itself is a very frustrating process, especially when you can see the results being established and profits that you “could” have been making, but, like any system it has to be thoroughly tested and fine tuned before being used. Now you don’t need to exercise patience, because all the testing has been done and you can start with confidence.
You will find that, particularly on Saturday, if you buy a morning paper, the Sun is a good example, their centre pages special football pull out will include a complete schedule of all the weekends games, both English and Scottish, together with a comprehensive lists of bookmakers odds, this, I think, covers the top ten bookmakers and you find that odds do fluctuate between different bookmakers. I do not tend to worry too much about that, I have found that, over the course of the season, these things tend to even each other out. Look down that list and look at the various odds. You will see that odds on many home teams are simply too cramped, impossible to bet on. This is particularly greedy on behalf of the bookmakers and is a subject regularly taken up by the betting correspondents, but, there is a way to get back at the bookies without being forced to accept ludicrously cramped odds and, there is also a particular type of bet that makes this work very well indeed, as you can see from my results.
Quite simply, ignore the home teams, completely. Concentrate only on the away sides. You will find that there will be invariably 3 or 4, occasionally a few more, away sides who will be odds on to win. Forget about scores, forecasts, first goal scorers and all those things, you are looking for away teams being odds on to win.
If, on any particular week, there are only 3 such opportunities, then that is your bet, those 3 teams, (I will show you the correct bet to use in the next section) and that is all.
If this happens, then it should be a particularly easy week, you will have had to do nothing other than simply pick out these 3 sides and place your bet, but, what happens if there are more than 3 away sides at odds on to win?
Well, then you have a little bit of work to do, and I must admit, I prefer the situation of having more than 3 sides to select from. The reason for my preference of this situation is that I feel by actually having to select, then my bet is stronger, I have even more certainty in my mind. It is no coincidence that on the rare occasions when a bet goes down it will invariably be on the week when there is only 3 to select from. When there are 4 or 5, you need to study form just a little. Look at the league tables and, more importantly, look at some current form tables over, say the last 6 games. These will tell you which teams are hot and which are not, you are then ready to select your 3 odds on to win away teams.

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