Patrick Doyle, an actor and broadcaster, who was devastated since the loss of his wife and son, is yet to accept the fact that God allowed such situations befall him.

The actor whose wife battled sickle cell disease until her death in 1999, said that there were no marriage counselors around to educate people in their time. He later revealed that he would have still gotten married to his wife even if medical report proved otherwise.

In his word..

Besides, during that time, we did not have anything like marriage counsellor and even if we did, it would not have deterred me from marrying someone because of health issues.

I don’t think that affairs of the heart are governed by medical reports. If you are getting married to somebody, you do not marry because of the person’s health or for procreation reasons. You marry the person because she/he is your soul mate and it transcends beyond any medical report,” he said.

I am a Christian and I cannot say I would not marry somebody that I am in love with because of health issues.