Nikki, by name Nicoletta Samonas, a Ghollywood actress, in a statement said that she will not be in a relationship with poor men because of the fact that she has been through thick and thin in life.

She said she prefers to marry a rich guy who will help her forget her memories of poverty.

According to her, she came from a not well to do background where her parents would have to hustle to take care of her.

“I have no problem with the poor neither I’m I saying I want someone who is extremely rich, no, all I am saying is, as a man, you should be okay in your pocket to help provide some of my needs,” she said.

Nikki said, on the Ghanaian Delay Show on Viasat 1 “I have suffered in life, I mean I had to work to cater for my family and pay my school fees and so I think, I think it is time someone else takes that up.


“Someone should also take care of me so for me. If you don’t have money or you are not financially independent, I cannot date you. It’s as simple as that.