[dropcap type=”3″]H[/dropcap]ollywood Actor Terry Crews just revealed and wife Rebecca King Crews completed a 90-day without sexual intercourse btween them.

According him in an interview with Huffpost, the new development allowed them to get more intimate on a deeper level. As it turns out, their love has never been stronger.

His statement goes like this….
[quote_center]”My wife and I, we did a ninety-day sex fast … ninety days, no sex. All relationship. All talk. All cuddle,” Terry said. “And I found, at the end of that ninety days, I was more in love and more turned on … I knew who she was.”[/quote_center]

He went on to explain that intimacy is what men are really looking for, as in someone to know him and love him at the same time.

What do you think about this? Are you a Couple? Would you like to try?