The founder of Quincy Herbal, Dr. (Chief ) Quincy Olasumbo Ayodele, is one socialite that has been able to maintain a very simple successful and quiet lifestyle in public which has continued to earn her the much needed respect.

Quincy is happily married and also a grandmother, she disclosed that unlike other marriages which continues to hit the rocks, her marriage has been able to stand the taste of time because her late father did a good research on her husband before giving her out.

She also noted that her husband has always been her major critique and would always teach her what to say while in public because he sees her as a village girl who is always shy.

She explained that “It was my father that gave me to him according to how it’s supposed to be. It was his father that came to search for me,” which is what has made her a happy woman today without any sad feelings.

“My husband is also very supportive so I don’t see why my marriage could hit any rock. Before I would go and talk in the public, my husband would have taught me, schooled me on what to say.