[dropcap]T[/dropcap]HE WIFE OF GOVERNOR WILLIE OBIANO gave the people Living with Sickle Cell in Anambra State 200,000 NAIRA over the weekend during the Thanksgiving service of the ASSOCIATION .

Giving them 200,000 NAIRA is not up to 50 naira per patient considering their numbers, and do not forget that the Drugs this people use per week runs into twenties of thousand of Naira .

This is the group that helped her and her NGO raise over 200 MILLION NAIRA in one of her Fund drive.

 We [My state] also have retinue of AIDES ,SSA,SA and every one of them earns more than 350,000 NAIRA  a month but we [We because it is my state fund] gave them 50 NAIRA per person ?.One will be compelled to ask ,is that enough to buy Ground nut or CHIN CHIN ?

[pull_quote_center]Many of this Sicklers were trained on vocational jobs but to set them up becomes another big fraud .Many are brillant students that dropped out of school because of school fees .[/pull_quote_center]

Many of this people are suffering from CANCER OF THE LEG which is a condition that gives them open wound on the leg and walking a distance is a big challenge .So i wonder what is stopping the state from GIVING this ASSOCIATION A BRANDED NEW BUS -EVEN IF IT IS WILLIE IS WORKING BUS or even OSODIEME IS WORKING BUS,what is important is that people need to be taking care of by the same state that are using them for NGO purposes ,my old man will say “ona bu onye kwue motorcycle ya efue ?”

The parents of this Sicklers are not helping  matters also as they either hide this patients in the closet or gives them big emotional trauma or uses them as money “begging” avenue .

The Government should be magnanimous and give a relief to this people,if we can give Prisoners 1 MILLION NAIRA EACH ,i wonder why we can not replicate of atleast pretend that we care by giving a relief to this people whose Crime was the mistake of Parents that cannot use their senses to avoid bringing children into this world and leave them no choice but perpetual suffering.
Those that have Sicklers already, stop hiding them ,you are not helping them ,reach out to this association and let them meet others and learn how to live with it and how to manage it or the crisis that goes with it. There is no shame on it ,it is not SEXUAL SICKNESS ,it is DNA setting

The Churches are more guilty than the Government ,the churches and parents should start asking SPOUSES to go for a through check up and ascertain that both of them are not SS before marriage ,that is the only way to circumvent breeding and or bringing to life Children that will live the rest of life in suffering .But if both of you swore that you must marry one another even as sickler ,then do not make babies ,use CONDOM in CARTONS and stop making God angry and your offspring very sick .

Just last MONTH my Governor released 25 Prisoners and gave each of them 1 MILLION NAIRA EACH for a CRIME WELL COMMITTED ,but this innocent sicklers  were relegated to the trash can,giving them 50 NAIRA per head from the Government is absurd.

[quote_box_center]Many NGO’S that stand in to rake donations for Sicklers are fraudulent bunch of  unrepentant souls ,the money they raise they seldom give any to the Sickler ,although those that indulge in such are buying or paying for future taste of the plight of this people.[/quote_box_center]

While we wait for the Government to take back that crappy and miserably 50 NAIRA EACH ,we should as individuals reach out and save some soul ,if not for thanks at least you can tell GOD that you tried for them .





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