Julius ‘The Genius’ Agwu, just concluded the shoot for his new single, “Second Chance”. Which he did a few months after a life-saving brain surgery has given him a second chance at life.

Speaking with Hip-Hop World Magazine in a September interview, he said:

[quote_box_center]”All I have to say is that I give God the glory. Its rare to see people who get a second chance. We live in an era where so many things are happening right now. People are just walking corpses. There are different sicknesses we don’t even know about. When it happened,my wife was the angel that God brought to rush me to the hospital, and I was told I arrived in coma. The page was already closed but God said ‘no, it is not yet your time. You still have some things to do for me.'”[/quote_box_center]

It remains unknown when the video will debut but we can be sure its around the corner.