Report says the state of electricity facilities in Kano is obsolete, According to Chief Peter Aweso, the Managing Director, Nigerian Electricity Management Agency, Thursday described shortly after inspecting electricity facilities in Kano.

He said the agency was mandated to ensure safety of electricity consumers all over the country.

Kano residents to face possible electrocution

According to him, the facilities are unsafe and that electricity consumers are vulnerable to high risk in the town.

The exercise is being conducted with a view to making amendment and correction to avoid putting consumers at high risk,’’ he said.

He said the exercise was also meant to address the issue of lack of quality in the supply of electricity to consumers.


“Many of the lines we have inspected are dangerously hanging, some of them are within the reach of persons, which should not be.

“Many of them you have a pole carrying two, three types of healthy network which is unsafe in ideal circumstances.”