The report was presented to NYSC’s Director-general, Brig-Gen Olawumi Johnson, 60 Corps members were shortlisted out of 222 selected. The was presented by the committee chairman Dr. Kevin Ihenetu, 

The public don’t know us. So, there wouldn’t have been any pressure. And all those who received concessional posting were automatically disqualified.

He said the criteria was that corps members must have distinguished themselves at the orientation programme, primary assignment, the community development service, and the group DCS before they could be nominated from the state.

 Each state is expected to produce two corps members for the award, but there are some states that did not produce any candidate.”

Olawumi, who lauded the committee, promised to make the report available the same way it was submitted to him, adding that the scheme would ensure that the award takes place in 2015 as directed by the president.