Cynthia Morgan recently got the great whooping of her life from fans after posting a photo of her and a baby.


The picture is shot to promote her new ‘Baby Mama’ single, the artiste carried a toddler in hand while smoking what is believed to be marijuana. Her angry fans didn’t waste much time to descend on her.

“Seriously @cynthiamorgan1 ur obviously hitting a concept but concepts convey messages….. That message is awful,” one fan said. Another fan claim the child is already high on marijuana he has inhaled from Cynthia’s misbehaviour.

“#Wat r u teaching d kid yhur carrying? to smoke weed… Mtchewww tryna b educative,” another wrote. One suggested she should be sued for such misbehaviour “Fo*l. . .you should be sued*,” the fan wrote

“Stupid girl.. holding a kid smoking. Is that art to you. Idiot,” was also seen on her page.

The photo has gathered more than 200 comments with almost all of them demanding she fix herself up, but the singer kept posting more similar photos.

However, a fan wrote, “Hey Cynthia, I am a fan but this sends a wrong message to mothers and if you were truly smoking close to that child you are putting his/her life in danger.”

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