Juliet said her light-skinned colour has not in anyway given her an edge over others, claiming that she has even suffered disappointments because of it.

Just when some people have claimed Juliet Ibrahim, a top actress from Ghana, may have enjoyed an easy ride to stardom, she has come out to rubbish such mindset.

“No, no, I don’t think so. Because of my complexion, I’ve suffered a lot. If I have a role to play, say the lead character’s parents are black, they’ll tell me because I’m mixed race, I can’t play the role, I have to play the friend of the lead character and they’ll bring a dark-skinned girl to play the same role,” she said while answering a question.

She said, “What people refuse to see is that when you’re mixed race, you don’t have everything come easy to you.”

Juliet also expressed her wish to make it to the prestigious Forbes list of most influential women, “I want to be on that Oprah Winfrey level”.

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