Cameras caught the singer completely naked while on a private vacation with gfriend Jayde Pierce, 21, in Bora Bora on October 6 and he now feels totally violated!

The 21-year-old star claims he thought he was in the clear to strip down but unfortunately, he was wrong. His bare-it-all moment was caught all on camera, and now his private parts are all over the internet! As the latest victim of a privacy invasion, Justin will tell you exactly how it makes you feel to be photographed in such a private moment — angry!

“It’s violating and creepy to know that someone was shooting him in such a private moment. Justin isn’t embarrassed by those pictures but he’s angry,” an insider revealed to “The whole trip was arranged to give him privacy and they still managed to stalk him, it’s not a good feeling.”

Bieber and Pierce clearly had no idea they were been filmed.justin-bieber-penis-leaked

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