Vanguard Newspapers reports that the staff, sent a petition to the House of Representatives, through the Chairman, House Adhoc Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Sani Zoro.

Reports say staff of Subsidy Re-investment and Empowerment Programme,SURE-P/Federal Road Maintenance Agency,FER MA projects in Nigeria, have accused Bode George of N4.9bn fraud.

An excerpt of the petition which was obtained from Vanguard, reads [pull_quote_center]“We wish to cry out and seek for your urgent help over the fraudulent extortion from us and dehumanization of our lives under the SURE-P/FERMA employment programme named Federal Task Force by the above listed names and other officers (Directors) under the following pretence and tricks. Hence we were recruited and employed for the past three years without any training allowances, no salary and other allowances were paid to us.[/pull_quote_center]

“We were mandated to pay for the Presidency SURE-P/FERMA Task Force forms. We bought the forms with inscription ‘NOT FOR SALE’ boldly written on it at an average amount of Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000) each.”

The petition was jointly signed by 51,000 aggrieved staff of SURE-P/FERMA.

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