It was a successful event as many buzzed about the performances, paparazzi, moments and displays from their fave superstars on social media.

But the biggest disappointment for the night came for Five Star Music act Harrysong who took to his Instagram page to share his ugly plight.

The Reggae Blues crooner, according to him, had prepared to give the best performance of the night, but he was disappointed when he mounted the stage to perform his set and the DJ couldn’t bring on the music.


His words: “After rehearsing, and preparing to give in my best and make my fans happy tonite,” he wrote, “to see that am performing this song that has brought me so much joy and happiness (Reggaeblues) the music suddenly stop’s and the DJ said his laptop went off.”

But the crowd who were in the ecstasy saved him the show, as they understood the malfunction and all rose to give him a standing ovation without hearing him sing.

Sound check, 1,2! Very important in our shows!!!

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