As we mark Nigeria’s 55th birthday, it is a time to celebrate the past and plan for the future; not an opportunity to point fingers on who hasn’t done what or who has done wrong on another. Pointing out the wrong and dishing out blames shall but leave us angry while remaining at the same spot.

Today i want us to remember the works of our fathers and mothers who fought for freedom, and gave onto us a land we can call our own. We must also remember whatever happens to the land is much your fault as it is mine, so together we must work in our own little way, no matter how small to build a land our generations unborn can be proud of.

I ask for us all, to work in integrity and honesty, with love for our fellow man, respecting everyone’s religious belief and accommodating to all with full hospitality armed with the knowledge that together we are better than when alone.

Nigeria is as much your responsibility as it is mine.


Happy Independence Day Nigerians! ‎

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