Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma, has made a solemn call on parents to give good training to their children for them to become good future leaders.

The actress, who made this called in her message to mark Nigeria’s 55th Independence Day, stated that a good home training will give birth to a greater country.

She pointed out that one of the key things parents need to teach their children is how to manage money. She is warned that parents should ensure that their children are given good education as they grow.

In her words, [quote_center]“The failure of a nation starts from the homes of its people. Dear parents, train your kids well, to be selfless, honest, loyal, disciplined, religious, teach them about bad association.[/quote_center]

“Most importantly teach your kids the value and cons of money and how to save. Spare nothing to educate your kids cause they are the leaders who will eventually lead you tomorrow. The leaders were once children.

“A good upbringing is the solution to the problems of a country. The words of wisdom to a child has no price tag. Happy birthday Nigeria.”

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