The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra State has warned the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Labour Party (LP) to desist from attacking Governor Willie Obiano.

APGA’s Publicity Secretary Chinedu Nkwonta said the parties were attacking the governor because they were jobless.

APGA described allegations that Obiano abandoned projects initiated by former governor Peter Obi as frivolous even as it warned that ignoring its position would be at their own peril.

“The honeymoon for these visionless and non- directional political parties and their cohorts is over; APGA can no longer sit and watch them undermine the office of the governor with unfounded allegations.

“My office is equipped and ready to return back to them as they dish. He that lives in a glass house should not throw stones. Enough of their nonsense; that APGA is a law-abiding party does not give anyone the impetus to ride our leader. “Any negative attack on Akpokuo is an attack on APGA. It is an attack on the general integrity of Ndi Anambra, who are predominantly APGANS.

“Let me remind the dreamers once more that PDP does not exist in Anambra, what they have are bullies and intimidators who have in the past, advantaged their control of the centre to defraud us during elections.
“APGA is fully awake now, be rest assured that such can never happen again. The Labour Party has gone extinct as it is and there is no need to push it.

“Who is the Chairman of PDP in Anambra? Where is Labour Party in the comity of political parties? How can someone who cannot manage his home come to the public to allege unfounded allegations against a working governor?

“The position of governor Willie Obiano as our leader is that we should not expend energy in replying frivolous allegations, we spend our time in telling Ndi Anambra, Nigeria and the world whatAkpokuodike Igbo is doing is a template for leadership.

“This does not imply that we have to let the miscreants in PDP and their disgruntled partners keep undermining the office of the governor,” APGA said.

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