The campaign is aimed at improving the academic performances of young school children.

The Rotary team, led by its president and former Corporate Affairs Director at Nigerian Breweries Plc Larry Agose, included a former president Dr. Akeem Akinlade, among others.

Agose, who taught the pupils writing methods and skills, said the Club has set aside every September as the beginning of its annual Literacy Campaign, which ends next March. He praised the headmistress Anthonia Ojeogwu and the teachers for doing a great job.

[quote_left]“I am impressed with what I saw in the school since I came,” Agose said. “I must commend the head teacher and the teachers for doing a great job. We are happy to be here and we picked this school for this project because of the need to develop our public schools more. I am also impressed with the pupils. I think they are wonderful children.”[/quote_left]

He said they were carrying out the Hand-writing Intervention Programme as it was one of the most critical aspects of basic education because the way a pupil writes affects the way he or she thinks.

“If you write confidently, you will grow up a confident child. If you don’t write well, you cannot pass your examinations,” the Rotarian said, adding teachers will be trained on how to teach young school children basic hand-writing skills.

A Rotarian, Bridget Ukoh took the pupils through paper cutting and drawing to test their handwriting skills and fine motor capabilities.

She said since the programme runs till March next year, the team will visit the school again to see the progress being made by the pupils in the area of writing and fine motor skills.

Speaking after the exercise, the school head-teacher, Ojeogwu, expressed satisfaction that her school was picked by the Rotary Club of Lagos for the exercise.

“I am humbled that they picked my school and I am praying God to empower them to be able to help the school as we need so many infrastructures to make our job more easier,” she said.

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