Embattled Senate President, Bukola Saraki and other 15 likeminded Senators plan to defect to the People’s Democratic party (PDP) from the All Progressive Alliance (APC) after Mr Saraki’s recent ordeal in the hands of the Code of Conduct tribunal (CCT) in what will come as a devastating blow to the APC sources has revealed to us


The indications began to emerge days ago when Saraki deleted “Member of APC” from his twitter profile biography.


One user, Am Human No Labels, said, “Sir, are you no longer a member of the ruling party? I can’t find APC on your bio anymore.”


In the same vein, @olufemisp wrote, “I knew it was when @bukolasaraki deleted the “APC” that proudly adorned his bio. This Saraki war will consume the party.”


If the move materializes, it will be very hard APC Senators to impeach him as Senate president since it will lack the two thirds of the votes required for his impeachment


However, The PDP will still lack the two thirds of the votes from the Senate and house of Reps needed to impeach Mr President

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