[dropcap type=”3″]D[/dropcap]espite the prevailing high level of insecurity, Nigeria, still has unclear regulations for the private security sub-sector.

The Chief Executive Officer, Risk Control Services Nigeria Limited, Olufemi Ajayi, made, this submission while receiving the ISO 9001:2008 certificate submission from the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) for his company.

According to Ajayi, most of the regulations in the private security industry are still targeted at security guards, but the industry incorporates manufacturers, consultants and trainers.

He urged the Federal Government to unveil a holistic policy for all players in the industry, saying:“The truth is that insecurity thrives in an atmosphere of disorder.”

The company is the first and only security consulting company in West Africa that has submitted and obtained ISO certification for its background screening service.

“Private security in Nigeria is not well-regulated. This is why we submitted to international standards,” he said.

Insecurity, ranging from kidnapping, armed robbery to Boko Haram insurgency, has thrived in the country. Nigeria has, incidentally, relied on fewer than 400,000 police officers and few private security guards to protect its over 170 million population.

Ajayi said for the sector to help improve security, its institution and rules must be strengthened, as his company’s quest for ISO necessitated a one-year rigorous process of systems enhancements and quality improvements under the supervision of our consultants and the guidance of auditors from  SON.

He also revealed that his company has established an internationally acclaimed school for accredited National Diploma in Security Management,  Technology and IT networks and Electronic Security to train security managers.

“Students from this academy will have basic knowledge in every area of security,” the CEO said.

He further confirmed that National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), the body that regulates polytechnics and colleges of education, has given the academy a licence while accrediting two of its programs – Security Management and Technology, and. IT Networks and Electronic Security.

Chairman of the company Tokunbo Talabi said, “Nigeria is a country of high risk.”

According to Talabi, the government should create an enabling environment that will help institutions and organisations to thrive.

“We need infrastructure provision to ensure that all spectrum of security is covered. International companies need to do business with our local businesses but they cannot do as much as they want to without authentic information on the companies the deal with, this is where we come in.

Unfortunately our laws cover the rudimentary levels. We need to engage decision makers to ensure that this spectrum of security is fully covered,” Talabi added.

Praising them, Director General, Standards Organization of Nigeria, Dr. Joseph Odumodu said a company that wants enduring foot print in economic competitiveness in these challenging times should aspire to get enlisted into the ISO certification. He said that remains the only way they can be recognized globally.

“Quality for excellence has no destination and remains a moving target. Your product that won you the certification delivers various security solutions in all manner of forms to industries, banks, service industry and the manufacturing sector. There is a need for you to consistently improve on your services to retain the certification as the bedrock of the certification is integrity, quality, passion and professionalism.”

The SON chief represented by the Director Management Certification, Mrs Oluremi Ayeni, an engineer commended the   management of Risk Control Services Nigeria Ltd, on their robust database that has the data of graduates from Nigerian universities and other tertiary institutions in the last twenty years. He said the feat is not only the first in West Africa but a platform to eliminate the hassles employers of labour go through to confirm claims by would be employees.

Furthermore, he said the total security package of the company, which includes forensic, anti-counterfeiting and background screening, is more attractive as the top notch service.

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