Meek Mill completely lost it at his own concert in Brooklyn this week when he found an unsupportive fan in the crowd holding up a sign showing major love for his rival, Drake.

The 28-year old rapper practically stopped his Brooklyn, New York show on Monday night, September 27, and did not only call out the fan in front of hundreds of people but Meek unintentionally revealed that his feelings towards Drake and his fans were not that nice.

How did this concertgoer even get into Meek’s show with a Drake sign? No matter how they pulled it off, it was obviously intended to upset Meek… which makes the sign very successful.

In the video below, Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend stops his set to point out the ‘clown’ holding up a Drake sign at his concert. As he continues to bash and swear at the fan, you can see the crowd in front of him turning around to take pictures, video, and try and figure out who the Drake supporter was. So awkward!

As we vividly reported, Meek and Drake had a pretty heated feud after Meek accused Drake of having a ghostwriter pen his hit verses. Drake was quick to fire back by releasing a ‘diss’ track called ‘Charged Up’ followed by ‘Back To Back’ which slams Meek for having trouble “going gold” and being as successful as the “0 to 100″ rapper is

Watch what happened between Meek Mill and Drake’s fan in Brooklyn

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