Is okay, if your partner and his ex decides to stay as friends, it’s not easy to forget someone you once loved but when he still has that quicks and sappy emotions towards her and is not just about friendship any more, when he is actually staying in love with her! He acts like he has to remain in her good books and he says he’s over his ex. That’s a sign right there for you.

He talks fondly of her: you will know he’s definitely still missing her when he always brings up talks concerning her when you both are in a conversation.

Frequenting haunting her online: as soon as he gets the opportunity he’s busy snooping his ex’s Facebook or twitter account or her blog.

Still struggling with residual feelings: he is still consumed with sexual feeling for his ex. He can’t stand the news of his ex-dating someone else even though he is happily dating you.

Still clinch to her gifts and memories: the only shirt he want to wear out is the one she got him, even is favourite wrist watch too! Pictures of her are still lying around in the house.

Still keeping her text message: lovey notes and dirty talking texts he had with his ex are all still lingering on his phone. Deleting it is the right thing and only thing to do if he’s actually over her.

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