Tyga tyga2More controversy for Tyga and Kylie Jenner as Radar leased it in her name online claims in a new report that, he not only leased the lamborghini he gave her for her 18th birthday,but did it in her name
They report that,the rapper is “broke and is only worth like $4 million, which is poor for a rapper.Kylie aired her views in the comment section of a fan page .The fan was angry that people believe such fabricated lies and kylie responded

“They are just trying to make more money off us babe””

Meanwhile,Blac Chyna who had her G Wagon gift taken back by Tyga mocked them by posting a clown video talking about showing receipts..
See Radar’s full report and Kylie’s response below

“Radar has even learned that Tyga didn’t purchase the $450,000 Lamborghini he gave to Jenner for her 18th birthday. “He leased it,” a source exclusively revealed. “He couldn’t afford to actually buy one for her.””

The whole family is concerned Tyga is trying to get his hands on Kylie’s money,Being part of her life, it allowing him to go on crazy vacations and get free stuff thrown at him from everyone.Kylie’s sisters and mom are worried that Tyga is trying to cash in on being with her,” the family insider told Radar. “She’s young and they think she might not see what is going on.”Even Tyga’s supposedly generous Lamborghini “gift” to his barely legal girlfriend could cause major financial issues. “He put the lease in her name, so if anything goes wrong financially she’s on the hook paying for it,” the source said

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