The Democratic Republic of Congo has banned a film which tells the story of a Congolese surgeon Denis Mukwege, who has treated thousands of women raped during conflict.

Titled ‘The Man Who Mends Women,’ follows the story of Mukwege’s efforts to fix injuries of the victims of sexual violence by armed forces in eastern part of DRC.

“I have decided not to approve this film,” Lambert Mende, the DRC’s media minister, told the AFP news agency.

[quote_center]“There is a clear intent to harm and sully the image of our army and no country in the world could tolerate it. That is why we have banned the showing of the film here.”[/quote_center]

In May 2014, Mukwege received  the Sakharov prize for helping thousands of gang rape victims.

A United Nations representative for Sexual Violence in Conflict has named the country the ”rape capital of the world”.

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