Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna sat down for an exclusive interview with Pulse TV recently.

In the exclusive interview, Ogbonna spoke about how his female fans reacted to the news of him marrying his girlfriend Sonia Morales.

According to him his female fans were happy about his marrriage. “Well I think my female fans are happy about my marriage because every good woman wants the best for another woman. A bad woman will probably feel hate when she sees another woman’s happiness. So shout out to all the good women out there that would want to see the next woman happy“.

IK Ogbonna got married to Sonia Morales in June after she gave birth to their son Ace. During the interview the actor admitted that many of his female fans were upset because hie got Sonia pregnant without making a serious commitment to her.

At first a lot of my female fans were upset with the fact that she was pregnant and I have not shown any form of commitment towards her. I won’t say I got married to my wife cos of the pressure from society but because I really wanted to” IK Ogbonna stated.

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