Toke Makinwa is back with ‘Sexology 101’ for this week’s episode of Toke Moments.

  • Here are some pointers from Toke’s vlog of the week.
  • There’s nothing wrong with taking advice on sex from your peers but sometimes seeking expert advice can also help you.
  • She says it’s not just about the diseases and unwanted pregnancies but also soul ties.
  • She demonstrates the proper way to wear a condom.
  • STDs are a risk that everyone should be wary of and you shouldn’t just be walking around having sex without protection.
  • If you know you want to start having sex then you should be able to walk into a store and buy a pack of condoms. You should always have a condom with you whether you are a guy or girl.
  • If you must have sex the first thing you should talk about is having sex with protection

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