Upcoming singer and event planner, Taiwo Elizabeth Olapeju, aka Eazy Lizzy is fulfilling her other dreams in life, through a free summer programme for youths in three local government areas of Lagos State.

The project, The Community Initiative for Child Education is in partnership with Hon Ayo Adesanya, the initiator of the programme.

Speaking to The Nation, Easy Lizzy revealed that the organisation is set for a seminar tagged,Security Challenges of the Nigerian Child in Recent Times, noting that the program will run in three locations including Nathan Primary School, 24 Nathan Street, Surulere, on September 1, 2015; Alimosho LGA African Church Nursery and Primary School, Mosan, on September 2, 2015; and Isolo LCDA Secretariat, Osolo way, Isolo, on September 3, 2015.

Eazy Lizzy is a dynamic and compassionate young lady who has an abiding love for disadvantaged youths, especially girls. She recently added youth education and empowerment to her schedule of duties as an entertainer.

She revealed that from its humble beginnings, nine years ago, with 45 students at Nathan Primary school, Surulere, the non-profit organization has grown to giving free summer coaching services to over one thousand youths in three locations in Lagos.

The founder; Hon Adesanya, is a self confessed lover of children who started the summer program with the aim of keeping young people engaged during the holidays, and keeping them out of danger.

[quote_center]According to Adesanya, “Nine years ago, a young child in my vicinity died in an accident due to unsupervised play during the holidays, and that deeply affected me. I believed that the boy died because he was not supervised because his mother was away at work. Had he been in school, it would not have happened,” he said.[/quote_center]

Commenting on the challenges he faced as a young, unemployed graduate, just starting a non-profit organisation, he said, “We started with volunteers because we could not afford to pay quality graduate teachers.  I had to buy chalk from my pocket, and also had to arrange to watch the infant siblings of our students, as some parents made it clear that it was the only condition under which they would release their teenage children who were responsible for taking care of their younger siblings in the absence of their parents.”

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