[dropcap type=”2″]A[/dropcap] consultant  to the  World Bank, Prof  Abel Ogunwale,  has urged  the restructuring  of  the  livestock industry in a sustainable and competitive manner that will lead  to economic  growth.

Ogunwale, who is of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Ladoke  Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State,  said the industry   needs  a major policy  shift  targeted at small farmers  and those  engaged in commercial livestock agriculture.

He  urged the  government to  improve access  to fund in order  to  encourage  farmers  to move  from small-scale to large-scale farming. He said favourable government policies were needed to support animal-husbandry enterprises so they can have sufficient capital and engage in technology transfer.

[quote_left]While there have been focus on improving crop production,  Ogunwale said  the government should  direct its action to  strengthening animal health systems and  the whole livestock value chain. This, according to him, would lead to sustained income of farmers as well as improving general nutrition for animal products.[/quote_left]

He urged the government  to  support  the  livestock and veterinary services to procure vaccines and  enable  farmers access to better  animal health services.

In the absence of  financial resources and technical expertise, he said the sector has not experienced  growth, while the  operating    condition has  remained challenging  for farmers.

Farms, he said, should be restructured  so that productivity and quality could be improved.

He called for support for research in livestock  production that would lead to an improvement in quality and productivity, while increasing the income of farmers.

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