Nollywood upcoming actress, Adibeli Ify had her first shot at acting at the age of sixteen. For her the experience and the money that came with it was so good she decided it would be more than one-off thing. She said she was paid N5,000 just to dance in a film.

To her, that was a hook she wouldn’t let go herself. But along the line, the money she thought would be rolling in faster than she could spend it ran into a  lull.

Now, what sustains her is her passion for the job and the fun she claims to have found “At first my going into acting was for the money after I was paid N5,000 at 16 in my first movie just to dance.
So, I thought it would continue but I found out otherwise.

Right now it is all about fun and love for the job. Now, if you ask me I wouldn’t say there is much money as I thought. Its very much hardwork and you have to pay your dues before you are even recognised. But right now I am loving it and getting to know more people in the process” she said.

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