Most people use fashion as a way of expressing themselves but catching up with the everyday fashion trend is almost impossible as everyday different designers share different advice to dress up in different clothes and styles, fashion is no longer a thing for just women but also men, so you will agree that fashion is purely subjective for each of us.crazy-fashion

Living a fashionable life is expensive because trendy clothes are expensive, but in reality can you wear does pompous fashion cloths on TV and magazine every day? Or fashion should be a special form of self-expression for special moments.

  • Create your own style and follow it: have you ever thought that fashion is just another way to manipulate people’s thoughts and consciousness? Most time the fashion we see on TV and runways are most cases uncomfortable to wear.

  • Start charity life instead: spending so much money, energy and time on fashion is of a little worth, these resources can be channelled positively towards changing lives. You can start collection of food, old clothes or not-useful for you things and give them to charity houses.

  • Fashion is expensive: you need much money to follow fashion, if you are that kind of person who wants to look like celebrities.

  • Influence of mass media:  it is up to you to decide to be yourself or follow other person’s life. Magazine, TV doesn’t make it easy not to follow fashion trend. But what you should know is every celebrity have their life and you have yours.

  • Sometimes it affects our lookout: it is important you find those clothes that will hide the weak point of your body.  In runways there are only slim models who wear this or that dress. But in our life you have to be sure if the style will go with your body and look good on you.

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