My old man will warn about a woman living in a glass house but prefer to lob pebbles to the next door neighbor ,as courtesy demands ,since Mrs Nkiru Akabuike lashed out against Ex Gov Peter Obi for Giving Each verified FIRST CLASS STUDENT in ANAMBRA State a token of 1 MILLION NAIRA for doing our state proud, she said that she have some begging her for job at OKO POLYTECHNICS ,which is news for verification including how she carried on her job for another day.


That single act from a woman whose husband is a serving Commissioner to openly antagonize an EX GOVERNOR who we hold Dearly calls for closer look to know the Ezekudene chiri ya ozo ,it means she has the mandate of the Husband ,so we are going to see how her Husband has fared in his duties as the commissioner for health.


Ladies and gentlemen we present Dr. Joe Akabuike’s the serving commissioner for Health Anambra state ,in a series that will run for weeks ,this is Day 1 .


On Feb. 16th this 2015 , there was a cholera outbreak at Inoma Akator a community in Anambra west local Govt, . The community through their representatives reached the govt through the office of the commissioner for health whose office has the jurisdiction on health matters , at that stage only two casualty where recorded.

Well the Commissioner did not deem it urgent enough or it did not worth his attention to warrant an action until 2 days after the out break ,which in a working society that it enough to sack or replace him ,imagine a cholera out break and it took the commissioner and his team two and half days to get to the community .

The wonders is what they went to the place to do ,what they used as Cholera battling tools.


Guess what he took to the Cholera attacked community ?

. 1. The leftover hand sanitizer used for ebola.


2. A truck of unbranded sachet water..

The Sachet water were shared to the families in a ratio of 1bag to 5 families ( not 5 individuals)


And the casualty increase to about 23 the next day but the Commissioner for health is done with the dreaded Cholera.

No second immediate check up ,no mounting of Emergency Camp and personnels ,the only doctor he came with left with him in an AIRCONDITIONED CAR.


Though he left behind a single Nurse with some bags of water to be used as drugs to cure epidemic of that magnitute .

But the unforgiving part of this story,is that the leaders of the community where shocked during Anambra west stakeholders meeting with the Governor at the Governor’s logde, when the Governor announce that he released 20Million to this very commissioner Dr. Joe Akabuike to redeem the community from that same Cholera.


We are not troubled that he has made a fortune as Commissioner for Health with choice properties to show for it ,but our concern is how many other communities suffered this kind of Dilemma and the commissioner sent them bags of Pure water for healing ?

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