UNILAG alumni donate N500m educational equipment to engineering faculty

The Alumni Association of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos

The Alumni Association of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos has donated additional lecture rooms and offices equipped with amenities to the faculty.


The Engr Dideolu Falobi led- executives said it embarked on the N500million developmental project to enhance the learning experience for current and future students of the faculty.

The President of the association said the project will be executed in phases, explaining that the present phase provides four classrooms, with each classroom having 114 seats to accommodate larger student populations and promote engaging learning experiences.

The statement by the old students of the faculty stressed that the transformative project was spearheaded by passionate alumni, and aims to create an optimal educational environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and academic excellence.


Falobi thanked members for the generous contributions and the unwavering support of the association, noting that the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Lagos has witnessed a significant upgrade in its infrastructure.

The newly constructed classrooms will boast audiovisual systems, interactive displays, and comfortable seating arrangements, while these enhancements would enable Professors to deliver dynamic and multimedia-rich lectures, fostering active participation and knowledge retention among students.

The statement pointed out that, additionally, the incorporation of technology supports collaborative learning and allows for seamless integration of digital resources into the curriculum, adding that in recognition of the evolving needs of educators, the body has also prioritized the construction of lecturer offices.

The statement disclosed that 12 offices are presently constructed and will be equipped with office furniture and amenities for enhanced teaching and research endeavours.

Falobi, who doubles as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Kresta Laurel Limited added that a set of four offices was constructed and equipped by the 1985 set of the Alumni Association while Engr. Kolawole Ogunsanya, an alumnus donated the second set of classrooms,


The faculty members in the statement lauded the alumni association’s efforts, citing the enhanced resources and infrastructure as invaluable assets in delivering high-quality instruction.

The statement said the association has been actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives in various departments in the faculty, including laboratory rehabilitation with new equipment, facilities for web seminars, digitization of all theses, soft skills capacity building, and infrastructure development, to enrich the university’s academic ecosystem.


He said the lecturers’ office building and the classroom projects are eloquent testimonies to the association’s dedication to advancing the university’s mission and supporting its faculty members.

“As the association looks to the future, it remains dedicated to fostering alumni engagement and leveraging their collective knowledge and expertise for the betterment of society. Through these impactful projects, the UNILAG Faculty of Engineering Alumni Association continues to exemplify the university’s commitment to creating global citizens and making a positive difference in the world,” he said.

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